Hello! At Willow Ridge Kennel we offer puppy training.
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****Puppy Training****

Here at Willow Ridge we offer a 4 week puppy training program. Puppy training starts at 8 weeks old. 

The course will consist of the following:

CRATE TRAINING- We use both the enclosed(plastic) and wire crates. The enclosed crate is actually a better crate for dogs as they are den animals and like the security that the crate gives. NOTE- The 4 week training course most pups should be sleeping 4-5 hours at a time but not a guarantee. I say just as with kids all pups train differently. No pup is the same! But the pup will be comfortable and well adjusted to being crated. I also crate in the car. No pups ride loose when going for a car ride. 

POTTY TRAINING- We will work on potty training as that goes hand in hand with crate training. We will give certain commands and set a schedule for the puppy to succeed once in their new home. The puppy will NOT be fully potty trained as they are still too young to hold it for more than 3-4 hours at a time when asleep and 1 hour at a time when awake. But that is where we come in and help with setting a schedule and already setting the foundation of potty training. 

SOCIALIZATION- We will take your puppy out to puppy safe stores and expose them to do things as part of the family. We expose them to safe fun environments so they have a great start at being a well rounded dog. They will go on car rides, go shopping, meet people of all ages, and introduced to our extended families dogs and friends dogs, and maybe meet a horse or 2! They will experience farm life and city life as long as it's safe for the puppy.

BASIC COMMANDS- We will teach the puppy Sit, Come, Down, Wait, and Place. We will work on teaching them their name if they have one. We will work on leash training as well. If we see jumping or being too mouthy we will address that as well and teach the new family what they need to do once they pick up their puppy. We want to send home puppies with manners and basic obedience that will make life as easy as possible when welcoming a new member to the family.

We will send videos once a week to show the progress of the pup's training. Pups will have all age appropriate shots and dewormings while still in our care at no extra charge.

Rates-$1500 a month **Full balance is due by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old**

Weather permitting water work can be done. 

If you are interested in training please send me an email willowridgekennel@yahoo.com or give me a call at 270-234-6358