Welcome to Willow Ridge Kennels.

In 2007 we had welcomed our first Vizsla Joker. He was such a good dog. Very calm and obedient boy. He loved the water and would hang out in the kiddie pool with my daughter. We fell in love immediately. Sadly we lost Joker at only 2 years old to an unknown illness. Our hearts were broken and we thought about getting another Vizsla but in the end found ourselves getting into Weimaraners. 

In 2010 Willow Ridge On A Rebound (Anubis) came into my life. He was to heal my broken heart after losing Joker. He did just that. He was my "rebound" dog, that is how his registered name came about.

When I took him to the vet for his second set of shots the vet and vet assistance groaned! I asked what that was about. They said that most all the Weimaraners they had seen were horrible!! I was wondering what I had gotten myself into?

After their comments, Anubis was immediately signed up for obedience classes. I took him everywhere with me so he was a well socialized dog. He did great in obedience classes and received his CGC title at 7 months old. He loved going to the nursing home to visit my great Grandmother and all her neighbors. The noises of the machines and the smells of a nursing home didn't bother him one bit.

I wont lie. I did not like the blue Weimaraners when I first saw them. I thought they looked black and funny. Well, I was only seeing the poorly bred ones. My Mother In Law came across a beautiful Blue Weimaraner and gave her a home. I fell in love immediately and had to have my own.

​So the love affair with the Blue Weimaraner began. I am doing my part in breeding good quality, health tested, Blue Weimaraners. Blue Weimaraners are AKC registrable but not allowed to show in AKC conformation shows.

I have now added redheads to the family. My Wirehaired Vizsla girl Thorn, her daughters Quill and Reba, and my Vizsla(smoothcoat) Saffron.

In 2015 I imported my first Wirehaired Vizsla Thorn from the Czech Republic after seeing the breed at a dog show. I loved the scruffy look and of course the color! I researched the breed and it sounded perfect for what I wanted in a dog. Thorn arrived and she is such a fun happy dog. The love affair for the Wirehaired Vizsla started right then and there. 

2016 rolled around and my Weimaraner breeder's son had a litter of Vizslas. It was time for us to welcome another Vizsla into our hearts. Saffron stormed her way into our lives and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. She is very energetic and I didn't know if I was going to survive that much energy. I seriously spent the first month wondering how I was gonna survive this dog. But we got through it and she is such a wonderful happy bird crazy girl! 

My adult dogs are OFA/Pennhip tested and DNA tested to make sure their healthy and sound before we breed them. My dogs are AKC registered and future dogs/litters will be registered with AKC.

​Puppies are born and raised in our home. They are handled from birth to the day they leave for their new homes at 8-9 weeks old. They are raised with other dogs ranging from 13-75lbs, cats, and my daughter. They have appropriate vet care and dewormed appropriately. Puppies go home with a goodie bag that contains, toys, treats, nylabone, blanket that smells like home, folder with all paperwork and vet records, and a small bag of food to get you started!​

So that is a little about us and how we fell in love with these breeds. Our breeding goals are to produce healthy happy bird crazy dogs that excel in the field and play around in the show ring from time to time. Not all pups will be hunting or show quality and that's OK because providing families with their next family member is perfectly fine with us too.