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11.19.22_IABCA_Purina_IMG_0120_ATLAS_Kimberly Evans_FRDI.jpg

Pennhip: L-.30 R-.31

HUU, HYM, SD- clear by parentage

Longhair Carrier

Atlas is from our last Zeeva and Carter litter.  His dad Carter was also an AKC Champion.  At 3 weeks I found myself wanting to keep Atlas and decided he wasn't going anywhere. I don't know what it was but what the heart wanted and the heart received. I love Atlas as much as I love his mother and sister Filly. There is just something special about my Zeeva pups. Atlas finished his Championship with limited showing just like his dad! He finished with a 3-point major and two 5-point majors. He is my first homebred Champion!

*AKC Champion (limited showing)

*International Champion (group 1 bred by)

Canina Good Citizen


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